Partnering with New York City

#BringArtBack for a Renaissance in Public Education
Murals, Music, and Media at 31 Schools

Visionary City Council Members

Since 2014, ten NYC Council Members have brought Thrive Collective’s Murals, Music, and Media programs to thirty-one schools in Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens.

We now work with 120 partners providing programs and services in 100 schools across thirty-three City Council Districts. That’s why this year, we invite the entire Council to join their visionary colleagues and Bring Art Back for a renaissance in public education citywide.

Call your City Council Member today and tell them to #BringArtBack to 419 schools without art teachers this fall.

Fiscal Years 2014-2016

Return on Investment

Our project-based, collaborative learning experiences reset the bar of possibility for all who participate. In 2017, Thrive Collective’s core programs worked with 2,800 students in 23 schools, producing fifteen school murals totaling 7,000 square feet, three music recitals, forty student films, three film festivals, a South Bronx Arts festival, and a citywide Art Exhibit at the United Federation of Teachers; and 100% of graduating seniors from our School Mentors programs were accepted into college.

Click the images below to enjoy portfolios of the twenty-four murals students completed with Council support since FY14. Watch fifty student films from six schools produced since FY16 here.